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Monday, November 18, 2019

BACK MASSAGER: Therapist Select Quad Roller Massaging Cushion

Breakthrough Technology

You’ll think that you spent hundreds on a massage chair, but you didn’t. Thanks to breakthrough technology, a real massage chair mechanism in a convenient cushion is within your reach. So relax and rejuvenate while both Shiatsu and Rolling Massage treat your entire back – or just target problem areas – to a custom massage where and how you want it. Easily fits most chairs and, of course, all budgets.


  • Shiatsu and Rolling massage: 4 independent rollers travel up and down the back.

  • Advanced microprocessor control with targeted relief for any area of your back.

  • 6 programs: Full, Lower, or Upper Back in either massage style.

  • Spot Shiatsu massage, holds massage action just where you need it.

  • Command track control, with the touch of a button adjust roller width to comfortably fit your body.

  • True massage experience, advanced technology for a deep relieving massage whenever you need it. It's your massage therapist on demand!

  • Easily fits most chairs - integrated strapping system.

  • Vivid LED illuminates massage mechanism.

  • 2-Year Limited Warranty

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  • Homedics Back Massager

    Your Price:  $169.99

    Homedics  Therapist Select Quad Roller Massaging Back Cushion

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    The Best Massage Cushion - I've had back issues ever since a car accident a few years back and after only a few days with this chair it feels much improved. Thanks.

    Quad Roller Cushion - As a Physical Therapist myself, I found the Quad Roller Massager absolutely wonderful! It targets all areas evenly and is very comfortable. It's perfect for anyone up to 6ft 2 but above that may miss upper back and neck areas. Wonderful purchase! The best of the bunch! Christin

    The Best Pain Reliever - I have pain that runs from my hip into my leg and foot. It hurts to stand for hardly any time at all. We were in a store one day and I sat in the quad-roller model. I felt so much better when I got out of it. We went to the store 2 more times whenever I hurt real bad. My husband bought me one last week for and early Christmas present and I enjoy it every day. I recommend to anyone with hip or back pain.

    Quad is Great on the Bod - I tried the Quad in a Wal-Mart display one day for 1/2 an hour and had to have it for home. People were walking by noticing the look of relief on my face, a line of people started to form, they all wanted to see what was going on. Wal-Mart sold them out that day, and now even the demo is gone! I have had back problems for years and found that the Quad is the only thing other than personal massage that clears out the "Kinks and Knots" every morning just before heading out for the day.

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    Foot and Body Massagers and Massage Therapy

    Foot Massagers and Massage Therapy
    Foot and Body Massagers and Massage Therapy

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